Q1 2018 Quarterly Report for Spar Nord Bank A/S

Net profit of DKK 311 million and return on equity of 15.0%.

Executive Summary
Spar Nord is pleased to report the frst-quarter proft of DKK 311 million and return on equity of 15%. Obviously, the strong performance is partly attributable to the non-recurring income from BankInvest of DKK 74 million, but other than that we are pleased that our net interest income would appear to have stabilised following an extended period of high pressure. The reason is that the interest margin fall has fnally levelled off, and also that we have recorded decent growth in our lending volume. We continue to see strong developments in our net fee income – not because we have raised our prices but because we keep on winning market share. Finally, we are pleased that our customers are so fnancially sound that we recorded income of DKK 23 million in our impairment account, said Spar Nord’s CEO Lasse Nyby.

Ole Madsen

Senior Vice President, Communication & Business Development
My key task is to ensure that at all times Spar Nord makes fair, relevant and timely information available for the Bank’s stakeholders. Please feel free to call or write me if you have any questions or comments.
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