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Audit Committee

Spar Nord Bank’s Board of Directors has set up an Audit Committee, whose most important task is to 1) notify the Board of Directors about the result of the statutory audit, including the specifics of the financial reporting process, 2) monitor the financial reporting process and make recommendations or proposals to ensure integrity, 3) monitor whether the Bank’s internal control system, internal audit and risk management systems function effectively with respect to financial reporting, 4) monitor the statutory audit of the financial statements, etc., taking into consideration the result of the most recent quality assessment, 5) check and monitor the auditors’ disinterest and independence and approve the auditors’ supply of services other than auditing; and 6) be responsible for the procedure for selecting and recommending the auditors to be appointed.



Audit Committee meetings

Number of meetings (2019)


Chairman Per Nikolaj Bukh Dependent
Special skills in accounting and auditing.
6 6
John Sørensen Independent
Special skills in accounting and auditing.
6 5
Morten Bach GaardboeIndependent
Special skills in accounting and auditing.
6 6

Rune Brandt Børglum

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