Investor Relations

Spar Nord’s greatest strength is its ability to be a personal and attentive bank. No matter what tomorrow brings, people will always desire a bank that knows and understands their needs and wants. We pride ourselves on being a bank with strong digital solutions while always offering customers the option of speaking with a real person – your personal adviser.

Investor Relations Policy

Stock Exchange Announcements

Financial calender 2023

Here you can see the upcoming events in Spar Nord.

Annual Report: 9. February 2023

Annual Generel Meeting: 22. March 2023

Quarterly Report - Q1: 3. May 2023

Semi-Annual Report: 17. August 2023

Quarterly Report - Q3: 1. November 2023

Head of Investor Relations

Rune Brandt Børglum

It is my most important task to ensure that Spar Nord at all times makes accurate, relevant and timely information available to the bank's stakeholders. Call or write me if you have any questions or comments.