Debt and Rating

Spar Nord’s capital targets are 13.5 % for CET1 ratio and 17.5 % for total capital ratio.


Counterparty Risk RatingA1/P-1
Bank DepositsA1/P-1
Baseline Credit Assessmentbaa1
Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessmentbaa1
Counterparty Risk AssessmentA1(cr)/P-1(cr)
Senior Unsecured MTN(P)A1
Junior Senior UnsecuredA3
Junior Senior Unsecured MTN(P)A3
Subordinate MTN(P)Baa1


Head of Investor Relations

Rune Brandt Børglum

It is my most important task to ensure that Spar Nord at all times makes accurate, relevant and timely information available to the bank's stakeholders. Call or write me if you have any questions or comments.